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23 May 2018   John Haughland a former factory Skoda driver will return to Ulster at the end of August to take part Titanic Déjà vu Ulster. John Mulholland, the Skoda dealer in Randalstown is lending John his newly acquired historic rally prepared Skoda 136. There are already 90 entries and as one person remarked…


02 May 2018 Derek and Adrian Boyd, Ireland’s legendary rallying brothers, will be back on familiar special stages when they drive over the Titanic Déjà Vu Ulster route on the 1st September. Derek and Adrian Boyd, Ireland’s legendary rallying brothers, will be back on familiar special stages when they drive over the Titanic Déjà Vu…


02 May 2018 John Taylor, Ireland’s first Tarmac Rally Champion and the winner of the Ulster International Rally in 1978 will return to take part in Titanic Déjà Vu Ulster this autumn. The former National Hunt jockey turned rallycross and rally driver won the inaugural Tarmac Championship in 1978 in a Mk II Escort and…


09 March 2018 The Agnew Group’s spectacular new Porsche Centre in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter will throw open its doors on the 31st. of August to Walter Röhrl and the other entrants at TITANIC DÉJÀ VU ULSTER. “We are delighted to support the arrival of this rallying superstar to our city and we must congratulate the Déjà Vu organiser in…