Deja Vu Ireland West

27th, 28th & 29th April 2024


RPM is the host site for the popular RPM DÉJÀ VU Tours, the great rally reunions, and the RPM SHOP, a first stop site for books and DVD’s on Irish motorsport

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RPM’s TV programmes had a twenty-three-year run on Irish and international  television channels during the 1980’s and into the 2000’s, and we continue to market our valuable archive of these golden years of Irish motorsporting heritage.

RPM Déjà vu Tours

Learn all about the upcoming RPM Déjà vu Tours the charity gatherings which ‘Fire up the Memories’ of motoring enthusiasts by bringing them, their cars, and some of their heroes back together again for a non-competitive run and a gala dinner.


The latest information on RPM Dèjá vu Tours, and new products and offers in the RPM Shop.



Happy New Year to all past and future Déjà vu-ers!


With the New Year come some changes in the Déjà vu Motorsport management. From the 1st. January 2023 all the Déjà vu Motorsport events in Ireland will be organised by RPM DÉJÀ VU MOTORSPORT under the revised team consisting of – Alan (Plum) Tyndall, Alan Graham, Simon Maynard, Sarah Waugh and George Gordon.


Dr. Beatty Crawford, the other founder member of the Déjà vu Motorsport  concept, (who is now mainly resident in France), will continue to organise events on the Continent under the original Déjà vu Motorsport Ltd. banner.


The déjà vu ingredients remain the same. Fun motoring re-unions that bring old friends and their wonderful cars together. Non-competitive runs that take you over iconic special stages and allow you time to take in the breath-taking scenery. And a gala dinner of videos and entertainment, where you will mingle with rallying legends.


RPM DÈJÁ VU MOTORSPORT will open entries for their 2023 event – DÈJÁ VU CORK (8-9 September), on the 1st. February on the RPM Website.