RPM Motorsport was founded by Alan (Plum) Tyndall and his wife Lynn in 1984. Initially Tyndall PR was a public relations company but with Alan’s experience as a motorsport commentator, writer, and competitor, it morphed into Tyndall Productions in 1988, specialising in all forms of Irish motorsport.
Alan was a former Press Officer for the Belfast City Council, the Sports Council of Northern Ireland, and a Director of a Dublin based PR Company, Holden Communications.

In 1991 Tyndall Productions started the RPM series which ran on Irish television for twenty-three years. RPM Motorsport is now an online shop selling a range of books and DVD’s on Irish motorsport on this site.

RPM Déjà vu Motorsport

RPM Déjà vu Motorsport is a development from Deja vu Minalotorsport Ltd., the company formed by Dr. Beatty Crawford and Alan (Plum) Tyndall to run motor sporting heritage charitable tours. These non-competitive events, have been Beatty’s brainchild and the former competitors rally experience and Plum’s broadcasting and publicity experience, have brought drivers and their fabulous cars together for sociable weekends which have raised over £250,000 for worthwhile charities since 2016.

Déjà vu Motorsport Ltd., guided by Beatty who is now mainly resident in France, will continue to run Deja vu events on the Continent like Deja vu Monte Carlo, while Plum will head RPM Deja vu Motorsport, with the new team listed below, and continue with the Irish tours.