The story of the world’s longest surviving customer racing car manufacturer.

The story of the Crosslé Car Company has in many ways been one of the best-kept secrets in the motor racing world. During the past half century this discrete little company which is hidden away in the Holywood Hills, close to the club where the worlds number one golfer Rory McIllroy practiced his trade, has produced over a thousand cars that have won numerous championships in Ireland, the UK, the European Continent and particularly America.

Under the shroud of the Northern Ireland troubles a dedicated team led by company’s founders John and Rosemary Crosslé have produced formula and sports racing cars that have started the carrears of grand prix stars such as Nigel Maunsell, John Watson, Derek Daly, David Kennedy, Martin Donnelly, and Eddie Irvine.

Now ‘Hidden Glory’, written by the well known journalist, television producer and race commentator Alan (Plum) Tyndall and ably assisted by Caroline Crosslé and the company’s current owner Paul McMorran, uncovers this remarkable tale of engineering ingenuity and charts the achievements of the racing drivers who have used the Ulster build products across the world.

“It has been interesting working with Alan, Caroline and Paul in the preparation of ‘Hidden Glory’. Rosemary and I have enjoyed raking through some old cuttings and great memories and I congratulate all those who have contributed to its content. I remember the Crosslé story pretty well and certainly this is a pretty good attempt at telling it!” John Crosslé, Founder.

‘NB All copies purchased from the RPM website will be signed by the author Alan Tyndall.’