When Glenn Allen, (the 2007 Northern Ireland Rally Champion), tragically lost his life in a non motoring related accident in November 2015, he left behind a devastated fan base.

Big Glenn had a big heart, a big talent, a big smile and always those big armfuls of opposite lock as he broadsided his Mk II Escorts and WRC Toyota Corollas to may wins.

It took him three years and three Corollas to finally win his Northern Ireland Championship, but it was the fun rather than the trophies that Glenn chased.

The Cookstown driver was to the forefront of the Mk II Escort revival and this DVD, with the help of his family, co-drivers and friends like Eugene Donnelly, Frank Kelly, Richard Hogg and Kevin Lynch, charts the pleasure that ‘Mister Sideways’ gave to his many fans as he sprayed the stones or melted the tarmac at alarming angles.

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