TARMAC TITAN – Eugene Donnelly

Five Irish Tarmac Rally Championships and 18 wins more than qualify the County Derry driver for inclusion in our Tarmac Titan series, but it is the flair of the ‘Genie’ that has endeared him to the Irish fans.

This four-hour double disc DVD charts Eugene’s career from its beginnings in Mark II Escorts, his development in his iconic G3 Escort, the crazy times when he competed in 33 events in one season and won the Border, National, Forestry and Northern Ireland Championships, and his days at the top of the WRC game where the engineering genius of Derek McGeehan and the support of his family, made the ‘underdog’ Corollas and Fabias winners.

Eugene tells his story helped by his elder brother Charlie and other family members; his co-drivers Paul Nagle, Paul Kiely and Paddy Toner; and competitors like Andrew Nesbitt, Tim McNulty and Glenn Allen. It’s the story of the teams ability to overcome financial and engineering deficits and a story of some considerable controversy at times.

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