2002 was undoubtedly Andrew Nesbitt’s year. The Armagh man dominated the Toshiba Tarmac Championship and took on the best of the British on three occasions in Scotland, the Isle of Man and the Ulster.

Now you can relive this sensational year and go on board the Cuisne De France Subaru, Austin McHale’s Corolla, Derek McGarrity’s Subaru and Daniel Doherty’s Subaru to see hwat it’s really like.

With the addition of Eamonn Boland (Subaru WRC), Peadar Hurson (Celica GT4), fleeting appearances from Johnny Milner and Mark Higgins (Corolla WRC) and Super 1600 and Group N action, it’s a jam-packed three hours of Tarmac torture!

Duration: 3 Hours

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