The WRC era had arrived in the 2000 Toshiba Irish tarmac Championship. Round 1 in Killarney was fuel for thought for Nesbitt as he ran out of it and Stephen Finlay who ran out the winner!

The Summit 2000 Rally included former World Champions Hannu Mikkola and Stig Blomquist in a controversial event as Derek McGarrity found to his cost.

The Subaru steamroller flattened the opposition in Donegal, with Andrew Nesbitt recording the fastest time on every stage. There was another Nesbitt victory on the Manx, a rally highlighted by excellent drives by the Doherty brothers and Mark Fisher’s Group N Mitsubishi.

By Cork, Nesbitt was champion and he joined a bulging entry which included Austin McHale, Ian Greer and Frank Meagher.

Includes extensive on-board footage from the WRC’s driven by Austin McHale, ian Greer and Daniel Doherty.

Duration: 3 Hours

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