Another classic year in the Tarmac Championship started with a fierce battle between Bertie Fisher and Ian Greer on a slippery Galway.

The Circuit of Ireland was a classic as Bertie Fisher and Andrew Nesbitt were engaged in an epic head to head confrontation only decided in the final miles, whilst Austin McHale’s rally ended in spectacular fashion. In Killarney Ian Greer took victory but not after a sensational comeback by Frank Meagher who lead for the most of day one.

James Cullen in a hired McKinstry Subaru sensationally won in Donegal, but Ian Greer had a weighty issue on his mind after a spot check on his car. Would this decide the Championship? The Ulster and Manx counted for Group N and Formula 2 honours and we had the privelege to see the best of the British Championship kit cars in action.

The title would be a cliff-hanger on the last round in Cork between Greer and Fisher, whilst Frank Meagher and Andrew Nesbitt proved to be interlocked in a great battle.

Duration: 3 Hours

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