Austin McHale was back. He debuted his new Celica GT4 with victory in Galway as leader Andrew Nesbitt crashed out in spectacular fashion, captured on RPM in-car camera.

Eamonn Boland finished 2nd. A return for Bertie Fisher sees him dominate the Circuit of Ireland but in Killarney it’s a fight between Austin McHael and Liam O’Callaghan (Celica GT4) until Liam’s rally deflates!

In Donegal, Austin McHale won the rally and the series as the Ulster and Manx were not rounds of the Tarmac Championship for the big guns. The British Championship kit cars were very exciting though and there were still Irish Tarmac class battles to be settled.

Also featuring full in car stages with James Cullen ((Escort Cosworth), Andrew Nesbitt (Celica GT4) and Liam O’Callaghan (Celica GT4).

Duration: 3 Hours

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