The Subaru Impreza proved to be the car in the hands of the legendry Bertie Fisher in 1996, however the Escort Cosworths of Stephen Finlay, Frank Meagher, James Cullen, and Stephen Murphy, were there to keep the Fermanagh driver honest!

Liam O’Callaghan also showed spectacular speed in a Toyota GT4, as did Andrew Nesbitt when he won his first International rally in the Northwest.

Bertie, with Rory Kennedy on the notes, started the season as they aimed to continue with a win in Galway. Finlay however was on top at Easter, to take his second Circuit of Ireland win. Fisher replied with wins in Killarney and on the Ulster rallies, with Andrew Nesbitt throwing the party of the year in Donegal when he won the 25th. running of the event.

The DVD contains specially extended on-board sequences of Stephen Murphy (Galway), Liam O’Callaghan (Killarney), and a bumper cam run with James Cullen, (the championship runner-up), over Molls Gap!

Duration: 3 Hours

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