Surprisingly the conventional Opel Manta 400 of Austin MacHale triumphed in the final Group B year in Ireland. The Rothmans Porsche of Billy Coleman and Saeed Al Hajri dominated the icy Galway stages, but that weekend will best be remembered for Bertie Fisher and Austin Frazer’s terrifying brake failure that was captured on the in-car camera.

David Llewellin headed the British and Irish Championship competitors on the Circuit of Ireland to give the Metro 6R4 its first international win as he battled with the glorious Ford RS200’s and a Peugeot 205T16.

Billy Coleman won in a Rothmans Metro in Donegal, and it looked like being a 6R4 year when Jimmy McRae won on the Ulster. It was four wins in a row for the 6R4s on the Manx International where Tony Pond triumphed, but Austin MacHale was picking up valuable points but he was pipped by Coleman on the Cork 20. Austin got his revenge in Killarney to take the Championship.

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