Austin MacHale, six-time winner of the Galway International Rally will lead the mighty parade of historic rally cars and other fascinating motors out of  Westport this year. Hotel Westport will be the Rally Headquarters. Over one hundred crews will take part and there will be a hundred and thirty mile route and Gala Dinner as planned.


Déjà Vu Ireland West will take place this year but whether it will be on the 21-22 May as currently planned, or on the 17-18 September, we will have to wait and see.


Like all organisers we do not get the final say in these turbulent times as Covid-19 makes all  the shots and the safety of all is our paramount consideration. When we postponed from September 2020 to May 2021 it was more than reasonable to assume that the pandemic would have subsided enough to finally get Déjà vu Ireland West underway. But now, with four and a half months to go there are doubts that the vaccines will have been sufficiently distributed by our late spring date to warrant the safe running of our highly social event.


We have therefore taken the precaution of booking a further date on the 17-18 September 2021, should we have to use it.


We will make the decision by  March  1st. If there is a change to 17-18, September 2021, don’t worry as registration and dinner prices will be frozen and all registrations and dinner bookings will roll over. There will be a small increase in Hotel Wesport rates but bookings will automatically roll over to the September date.


If, for any reason, the September date will not suit you we will refund your registration and dinner payments minus a small percentage to cover our PayPal dues.


In the meantime  think positive, test negative and keep the revs up!


Plum & Beatty.